Do or Don’t: TV in the Bedroom

Do We Expect Too Much From Our Spouse?

One Small Tip to Spice Up Your Relationship

It’s always fun to try something new, isn’t it?

On Having Kids

We discuss whether or not we want kids in the future, and how we want to have them.

Why I Took His Last Name

Thomas explains why he took PJ’s last name and why he’s never looked back since.

Are You Brothers or Husbands?

We discuss the one question people ask us more than any other question.

A Small, Fall Tradition

We share one of our favorite fall traditions that we look forward to every year.

Our Third Wedding Anniversary

On October 17th each year, we celebrate our wedding anniversary!

When He Knows You Too Well

Thomas talks about something PJ said to him while we were in Amsterdam that reminded him how being together for a while doesn’t have to mean boring and monotonous.

When the Sparks Wear Off

Everyone is familiar with the feeling you get when you first meet someone and you get butterflies in your stomach. But what happens when the sparks you feel in the beginning eventually start to fade as you become more comfortable with your significant other?

The Secret to the Perfect Night In

We’re sharing 3 tips to have the coziest night in at home.

On Going to Bed Angry

We've all been told not to do it, but sometimes, maybe it's the best way to handle pointless arguments AND get a good night's sleep

Do You Hold Hands in Public?

It's not as accepted in our small, southern town for two men to hold hands, but what about where you live?

The Most Romantic Thing My Husband Ever Wrote Me

Thomas recounts the first night he and PJ ever spent together, and the words PJ wrote him on the back of an old envelope.

The Art of Annoying One Another

There are two things we do that really get on each other's nerves.

Do You and Your Partner Share Clothes?

What is it about being together for a long time that makes you start dressing alike? Do you do it, too?

Why Sex Is So Important In A Relationship

Well + Good wrote about six reasons why it's so important and we agree with every one of them. What would you add?

Our Wedding Rings

The who, what, and why of our rings.

Hardworking Husbands

Feeling grateful for husbands who work hard to make a house into a home.

On Sharing a Bank Account

Let's talk money, shall we?

On Using the Word "Partner"

How do you feel about using "partner" to describe your significant other?

YouTube Q&A

We answered your questions in our most recent Q&A video!

Valentine's Day 2018

How our Valentine's Day went, as told from Thomas' point of view.

When People Surprise You

Not everyone in the south is as closed minded as you might think.

Weird Things Couples Do in Long Term Relationships

How many of these things do you do?

Grocery Shopping One Day

What Thomas realized one day when him and PJ were checking out at the supermarket.

Ways to Say I Love You

There are so many little ways to say "I love you" without even using words. How do you say it?

On Changing Our Last Names After Getting Married

We discuss how and why Thomas took PJ's last name after we got married. We talked about it in a YouTube video as well!

Out & About Nashville

We were featured in January's edition of this Nashville-based publication.

Thank You

We received so many warm and sweet messages congratulating us on our second wedding anniversary. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

How has it already been two years?!