Weird Things Couples Do When They’ve Been Together For A While


We came across this article about weird things that couples do when they've been together for longer than 3 years and we have to admit, a lot of them were pretty spot on. 

A few in particular stood out to us, like "Speaking in a made up language to each other", or "Wear your S.O.'s clothing so much you forget they weren't yours at one point" or even "Have shows that you are obsessive about watching together."

Then there were a few not-so-cutesy ones like: " You stop apologizing for burping and farting around each other" followed by, "And sometimes congratulate them when they do a particularly massive one" that we shamelessly admitted to doing, also. When you're with someone for 8 years, you just can't find time to care about those sort of things. :)

It got us thinking, though, what are some weird things we do together that we might not even realize? Here are a few that come to mind:

PJ talks in weird voices only to Thomas. They're hilarious.

We aren't afraid to let the other one know when they need to shower.

We talk about our dogs and their emotions like they're people. We also have a million nicknames for them and they respond to every one of them.

We have started quoting our inside jokes since we've been telling them for so long.

We get the hair in the hard to reach places for each other. 

We share food, even when the other person doesn't offer to.

Even though it's not the cleanliest, we sometimes share deodorant and toothbrushes.

What about you? Do you do any weird things with your significant other because you've been together so long?