Day 5: Letters


We went to our PO Box today and opened it to find FOUR letters from you guys!

You don't know how much it makes our day to hear from y'all and to learn your backgrounds and read where you came from, your struggles and triumphs and what you've gone through. And not just the rough, hard to talk about stuff, but also the good stuff. How you and your significant other are doing, the things that make y'all happy, invitations to your special events. 

We don't say it enough, but it means the world that you're here with us. When we started our Instagram account a few years ago, it was mostly about renovating our 1950's ranch house we had just moved into, along with some pictures of us documenting our relationship so we had something fun to look back on in the future. Then, once we started talking to you and meeting new friends on the app, to us it became more about community, about meeting people who know what it's like to feel different than all of your friends growing up, or feeling like you can't be your true self because you're from a small, southern town and other people there just wouldn't get it.

The point is, we're so grateful to be able to connect with people all over the world who are like us, but also who are different from us. It's a beautiful learning and we're so much better because of y'all. We hope to meet and connect with even more people in the future, but for now, we hope you've had a wonderful Tuesday. We'll see you back here tomorrow night!


Day 4: Instagram vs. Real Life

It’s thundering and pouring down rain outside right now which is our best night ever but we thought the below was pretty funny. Do you know what movie the first picture is from? Hint: we get a lot of inspo from her movies and this one is one of our favorites!


The bottom photo is our room and the top is from It’s Complicated, one of our favorite movies by Nancy Meyers and stars Meryl Streep & Alec Baldwin. Have you seen it? Like all of Nancy Meyers’ films, it’s filled with gorgeous, creamy white interiors and a storyline that always works out in the end. Such a feel good movie. If nothing else, you should check it out for the set design!! 

We were joking today that the bedroom from the movie set is what it would look like on Instagram, all done up and staged to perfection, while our room is more what real life looks like 😂. In all seriousness though, we’re completely happy with our bedroom at the moment and obviously the set design of that movie was a big inspiration for us, but it’s still fun to notice how similar they are, right down to the door placement (which wasn’t planned). 

Hope your day was well, friend. See you tomorrow xx.  


(Above photo via here)

Day 3: Floating Down the River


Okay we totally forgot to take a picture of what we actually did for day 3 of the challenger so here’s a picture of yesterday morning when the sun was pouring into the living room giving us all the grateful feels for a world where Sunday mornings look like this. 😊 Moving on.

It’s mid July and yesterday was the first time we’ve floated down the river all year. We’ve been meaning to go for a while, ever since we’ve had our land and since it’s been warm enough, but we’ve been traveling so much the last two months that we haven’t made time to go. So, we ordered some tubes online, blew them up, packed a cooler, and headed out to the land with Thomas’ mom and our friend Golden to finally take advantage of the river that we live so close to. 

 We loaded up two cars and drove one to our land and parked it, and then drove a little ways up the river to the “put in” spot and parked the other car. All four of us connected our tubes together and just floated down the river and it was so relaxing. The water was freezing but the weather was hot and it had us wondering what took us so long do to this?! Why hadn’t we made time to just spend time in nature and enjoy each other’s company? One of the things we promised ourselves that we were going to do now that we’re home for a while is spend more time with friends and family so yesterday felt good. It just felt right. 

If you haven’t spent some time in nature recently, highly recommend doing so, though preferably somewhere near water, especially if it’s as hot where you are as it is here. It was neat to be able to just get out at our land (since it’s on the river) and dry off and head home. Can’t wait to get the cottages and venue up and running so we can spend more time out there!

Anyway, that’s all for today. Hope you were able to find the beauty in your day, too. xx

Day 2: Cook


Do you cook a lot at home?

Ever since we found out Thomas has high cholesterol, we've been trying to cook and eat healthy more and more. It's not always easy (read: never easy) for us to cook at home because, let's just be honest, laziness, so it's something we're constantly working on.

Thomas' sister Amy got us this book last year called Cook: Visualize The Perfect Plate, and tonight we broke it out. Have you heard of it? It's filled with the most beautiful photos of meals and ingredients and it breaks down every step so it's actually really easy to make the recipes. There are so many gorgeous recipes and we can't wait to try them all, but for tonight we tried one and it was so good!!

On the menu for tonight was ratatouille! Loved the movie, but we don't know if we've ever had the dish before. It's basically a bunch of different vegetables dumped into a pot with olive oil and garlic and then it's dinner. Some people use noodles and make it a pasta but this recipe didn't call for that. 


How pretty are all the ingredients laid out? This dish is big on taste and especially big on color. 


And it's pretty healthy, too. No added salt or sugar. Just fresh veggies all mixed together for a quick and tasty meal. If you want the recipe for yourself, check it out below:


And here's how ours turned out:


It's definitely prettier before it's cooked, but the taste is delish. PJ added parmesan to his for garnish. Yum. So that's that! Have you had ratatouille before? We'll definitely be making this again, probably for a bigger group of people, though. #leftovers

See you tomorrow. xx

UPDATE: PJ made his into a pizza 😂 


Day 1: Husbands Who Make The Bed


Well here we are. Day one out of 30 of acknowledging the most beautiful part about our day.

We're actually really looking forward to this. Is it sad to see it as a challenge? Besides blogging every day for 30 days straight (which is a challenge in itself), shouldn't we already just be able to see the beauty in each day? 

So let's get right to it. The most beautiful thing about our day, at least the one most worth mentioning, has to do with husbands who make the bed. Funny enough, it also captures our different personalities perfectly. Thomas took the picture below because he felt like it accurately shows what the feeling of the end of a long week looks like: messy, all over the place, and knowing you wouldn't want to be anywhere else than in your comfy, cozy bed. 


Thomas was picking up around the house when he came back in the room about an hour later and saw the bed was made. Not perfectly, but it was noticeably neater than before, just the way PJ likes it. See what we mean? Thomas is always go with the flow, and PJ is so structured , always wanting things to look their best, which neither of us are complaining about. A made bed is such a treat at the end of the night to us. Pulling the covers back, hopping into bed after a long day. Bonus points if they're freshly cleaned, out of the dryer sheets!

So A+ for all you husbands (and wives! and partners!) out there who make the bed every day. It is always appreciated, especially at the end of a somewhat hectic week. It can't be overstated enough. 

Hope you had a good week! xx