Ways to Say I Love You


If you think about it, there are so many different ways of telling a person that you love them without coming right out and saying the words. A lot of the time, we tell them just as much with all of other, daily things we say to them.

"Buckle up, please."

"Do you want to get coffee?"

"Let me draw you a bath."

"Let me know when you get to work."

"You look beautiful today."

"Let me take care of the ___, you've had a long day."

"Let's watch a movie tonight. You pick."

"No, you can have the bigger piece."

Sometimes, when you're with someone for so long, you don't realize that the small things you do or say for your spouse are really just you reminding them of how much you love them. It almost becomes second nature, like breathing, you know? There are so many different ways of saying I love you, sometimes we just need a little reminder of what "I love you" looks and feels like to us.