Do or Don’t: Pick Up Before Guests Come Over


There are two kinds of people in the world…

The kind that races frantically to tidy up the house before people come to visit, and the kind that could care less. We’re not talking about a weekend stay here, we’re talking about short, 30 minutes to an hour visits where friends/family just pop in to say hi.

On one end, it makes sense to clean a little before folks come over, doesn’t it? You want your house to look its best, to be comfortable and inviting so that people have a welcoming experience while they visit. Growing up, weren’t we all taught to pick up our rooms before our friends came over? Throw our dirty clothes in the hamper, make our beds, etc. It’s just what you’ve always done.

But this past weekend, PJ’s cousin called to say she was in the area and was going to stop by for a bit. The house wasn’t a wreck by any means, but it definitely wasn’t very tidy. There were random things on the dining room table, jackets lying out, coffee mugs and dishes were scattered all around, the whole nine yards. PJ immediately turned to Thomas and signaled that we had to start cleaning, and we both began rushing around, putting dishes and clothes away, fluffing pillows, getting the piles of paper and mail organized (as best that we could), and lighting ALL the candles. But one of us thought, why are we going to all of this trouble…for our cousin? She doesn’t care what the house looks like. She’s just here to see us!

Ever since we first got together, PJ has tidied up before someone comes over. Before ANYONE comes over. He’s always said it gives him a good excuse to clean the house anyway, so he welcomes the whole idea. He enjoys it and he’s good at it, too. He can have the entire house cleaned (to an extent) in five minutes or less. It’s crazy, y’all. But it’s what makes him happy, so more power to him!

Thomas, at least lately, has been more lax when it comes to picking up before guests stop by. Maybe he’s read one too many articles online, but he’s been in the mentality that people don’t care what condition your house is in, they just care to see you. And when it comes to family, especially, he doesn’t really care too much about making sure the house looks good. And if we’re being honest, our house is never as messy to other people as we think it is ourselves. We like to keep it relatively clean and go mad if it gets too out of control, so there’s never that much to do, but he can see PJ’s point of wanting the house to look its best.

In the end, we always end up cleaning before folks come over and we probably always will, though one of us could care less about it :). What about you? Do you like to clean a little before guests arrive or do you just leave your place the way it is? Would love to hear your thoughts on this very serious, hot topic discussion ;).