What’s Your Favorite Season?


And we don’t mean of Game of Thrones. Nope, we’re talking about spring, summer, fall, or winter! This may not come as a surprise, but our favorite season is without a doubt…

Fall! We love the colors, the slight chill in the air, the clothes we get to wear, the food (it’s cliche, but pumpkin everything, please), and the movies we watch to get us in the mood for the season. We love lighting new candles, making chilis and soups in the crock pot, getting out our warm blankets and cozying up on the couch. All of it! Give us all of it we say!

There’s something exciting and fresh about fall to us. Do you know what we mean? Like there’s possibilities around every corner and always something new to discover that makes the season even more dreamy. We spent a few days last fall in Amsterdam and it was the most magical trip we’ve ever taken, due in large part to the time of year which we visited the city. The crunchy leaves, the way the light danced around the old cobblestone streets. It was absolute perfection.

After fall, we love summer, mostly because we love being outdoors, swimming, laying out, and it’s when everything is green and pretty around here in Southeast TN. After that comes winter, where we basically live inside on the couch for months while eating pizza and drinking wine every night (you can judge, that’s okay ;). Lastly, our least favorite season is spring. Nothing against spring honestly (we love planting new plants, seeing the greenery finally come through after the cold winter, and having the doors and windows open to feel the cool breeze come in), but the pollen in our area of Tennessee is some of the worst in the country, so our allergies don’t enjoy spring too much. Oh well, can’t win them all.

So there you have it! We love fall, like summer and winter, and sort of like spring. Which season is your favorite where you live?