The Flip House is Officially Finished!

The Flip House is Officially Finished!

And just like that, we say goodbye to working on the house that, for a while, felt like we would never finish.

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The Flip House is THIS Close to Being Finished

The Flip House is THIS Close to Being Finished

Four years after we bought it, the renovation house we’ve been working on is almost finished, and it’s such a bittersweet feeling.

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Three Flannels We Can’t Wait to Rock This Fall


It may still be in the 90’s here in Tennessee, but fall is just around the corner, so naturally we’re already making our list of fall-inspired clothes we’re going to be living in all season long.

The sky is blue, water is wet, and you wear flannels in the fall. It just makes sense. Something about wrapping up in a cozy flannel shirt feels right when the leaves start to change and the temperatures begin to drop. Below, we’re sharing a few flannels that have caught our eye recently…


This coat-like flannel shirt from J. Crew is so warm and so comfy, it’s no wonder why it’s PJ’s favorite. You may remember when he basically lived in it in Amsterdam last October.

We can feel how cozy this flannel is just by looking at this picture. The colors are quintessential fall, and we’re pretty sure it comes with a pumpkin waffle scented plugin and a PSL gift card.

Grey isn’t our go-to choice for fall-colored clothing, but something about this shirt speaks to us. It’s nice to change things up every now and then isn’t it?

Fall, why must you take so long to get here? We’re ready for you!

A Definitive (And Totally Biased) Ranking of Every Song on 'Lover'

A Definitive (And Totally Biased) Ranking of Every Song on 'Lover'

Have you listened to Taylor Swift’s new album yet? It’s already 2019 biggest selling record and we can see why. When T. Swift releases an album, it’s pretty much all you hear about for the next few months (and the few months beforehand, to be honest). So why don’t we count down the best songs on ‘Lover’?

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We’ve Been Living in These Sandals All Summer


Summertime in Tennessee is hot enough that you barely want to wear clothes, let alone shoes. That’s why we’ve been wearing these sandals for the last few months.

Birkenstocks were all the rage when PJ was in high school, but they’ve started to make a comeback in the last few years, and thank God, because we love the way they go with any and every outfit and they’re comfy as hell. They’re classic in the best kind of way, don’t you think?

PJ has been rocking this brown pair and Thomas these black ones. We wear the same size shoes for the most part, but these are the only ones we won’t share. That’s how much we love them 😂.

Also, loving these brown ones with the gold buckles:


We’ve also been eyeing these, these, and these. The ones with the straps on the back seem like they would be especially comfortable.

Do you have a pair, too? Maybe you held onto them for years, waiting for them to come back in style again? OR, you wore them the whole time regardless if they were trendy or not. We like that scenario much better.

A Huge Paint Color Myth About Small Spaces

A Huge Paint Color Myth About Small Spaces

We’re not sure where it started, but it’s time to set the record straight about one big misconception…

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A Few Things This Week


We got so many questions on PJ’s tennis shoes last week while we were in Disney! We scoured the internet looking all over for the green/grey color, but didn’t have any luck. We did, however, find the same pair of New Balance running shoes in a different color. They’re so comfortable and we just wish we could find his exact color!

Isn’t this rust-colored turtleneck sweatshirt fun? It seems crazy to be shopping for sweaters this week when three weeks ago we were in short sleeves and shorts here in Tennessee. That’s our weather for you! With a few weeks (months?) left of cold weather, we’re looking forward to oversized sweatshirts for just a little but longer.

We get even more questions on Thomas’ phone case for his iPhone XR. It’s a half fabric, half synthetic leather case that you can store your credit cards and I.D. in. He gets more compliments on this case than anything and it’s only $13!

About to start this book soon. Have you read it? We keep hearing great things online about it and we’re so excited to start a good thriller. Something about it being cold outside while you’re safe and warm inside while reading a thrilling novel that makes us okay with winter sticking around for a bit.

Two Fun New Swim Trunks


Hi friends! How was your weekend?

We just got home from our week long cruise with Celebrity Cruises and we’ve started the unpacking process (currently doing it as we speak). We had such a blast on their new ship, The Edge, and we can’t thank y’all enough for following along with us and sharing your feedback.

One question we got a lot on the trip was about our swim trunks and where we got them. We actually purchased them specifically for the cruise since we hadn’t bought new trunks in over three years! You can get the same ones for yourself by clicking the pictures below. Now all we need is some warmer weather and we’ll be set!


Thomas’ (similar):

Just A Few Things This Week

How fun are these navy shoes from ASOS? They almost look like slipper socks. Would love to wear these come spring (which seems like it’s going to take forever to get here this year, though we have had some unseasonably warm weather the last few days!)

Thomas has been wearing boxer briefs for the first time lately (!!) and it’s taking him a minute to get comfy in them, but he’s adjusting (no pun intended) pretty well so far. This pair from Target are fun and won’t break the bank, which just so happens to be our favorite combo.

Speaking of fun, wouldn’t this scratch off map make the perfect gift for a certain holiday that’s coming up? Seems like such a cool way of keeping track of all the places you’ve travelled to (or plan to travel to) besides just posting IG pictures. Need this ASAP.