On Coming Out Part III


Happy Thursday, friends!

We’re back with part III of our Coming Out Series here on the blog, where we share YOUR beautiful, funny, complicated, and relatable coming out stories. If you missed part I, you can view it here, and you can find part II here.

Below, we’re sharing 10 new stories you all submitted via Instagram about how you came out and what you felt. Check them out, and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more stories! As always, thank you for being so brave and sharing your lives with us. You’re helping more people than you know.

“I came out when I was 21 to my aunts over Skype while my roommates in college were out. I was terrified, angry with myself, and sad that this was my reality. They felt my sadness and were heartbroken that I was so hurt but loved me and were so supportive. I came out to other family later when I was ready and everyone was great. I was the hardest on myself and hated myself for being gay. I have since grown and learned to love myself for who I am.” Tim, Ohio, 27

“I’m 25 years old and I haven’t told my parents yet. I don’t want to face their judgement. Maybe when I move out of their home (now I can’t) I will tell them. My coming out was with my friends. I discovered I was gay in December of 2014. I was depressed about it and scared too. I told my two best friends after New Years. I said to them, “I think I like men. I am not sure about it. But think I am [gay]. I was 21. Then, five months later, I told the rest of my friends, now knowing that I was gay for sure. It was very complicated for me. Everything. That is the best way I could put it. But that November and December of 2014 was the worst.” Daniel, 25

“I was 35 years old. I told my mom and sister the day after Christmas. Of course they knew, but cried happy tears because they knew I’d finally found my courage.” Jed

“I was 21 and had just been accepted into drama school. I had met my then boyfriend at the auditions and when we were both accepted, we became a couple. So I called my mom and just said, “I’ve got a boyfriend now.” It really was no big deal for her and she was really happy for me. So was my sister a little later. My father accepted it, too, although I actually never had the courage to tell him myself. I am very grateful that I had people who supported me and still do. Kind of an upbeat coming out story, though :)” Tom, Germany

“I was 17 and lost ALL of my friends- people I’d been close with ever since kindergarten. I was devastated and heavily depending on my then-boyfriend. I didn’t have anybody left so I stayed with him even though he was abusive and controlled me mentally. It took a while for me to find new friends who I could trust and open up to. Always scared that they would eventually abandon me as well. It took me 11 years to find my courage to get out of that relationship and begin a new life. To this day, I have very few friends but they’ve become my family. And I couldn’t be more thankful for that.” Daniel, 32, Germany

“I was out to my friends already as this wasn’t difficult for me, but one of my friends did not know i hadn’t told my parents and so when she mentioned me getting with a guy in a club I was essentially outside which made for some awkward conversation but I knew my parents would be accepting, I just wish I had the chance to tell them myself.” Dylan, 19, Scotland

“I came out at 21 when I was still living in Louisville, KY, and at the time, I was TERRIFIED. But I knew that the fear of openly being myself and “letting people down”…couldn’t possibly compare to the anxiety of hiding who I was every day. So I came out…and I am so so SO glad I did! Even though some important people in my life chose to not share in my happiness and in me being my most authentic self, the countless people who love and support me to this day make the journey completely worth it. In the words of Maya Angelou, “You alone are enough You have nothing to prove to anyone.” Aaron, 24, Tampa

“My parents bullied me into coming out at home. At school, my ‘friends’ bullied me into coming out so they could have a gay best friend…I never got the choice to either scenario, and as dark as it may seem, I’m okay with that. I can choose who my family is, and those are the people who let me be me, without reservations or pressure.” Anonymous

I didn’t get to come out. I was outed by a family member and was confronted by my mom and my stepdad who had his fist in my face.” Joey

My mom went through a Skype conversation when I left my room. Even though I felt betrayed, as I was going to tell them later that summer, I was relieved they [my parents] were very accepting and supported me ever since.” Austin, Nevada

Again, thank you so much for sharing. Stay tuned for more stories in the coming weeks!