We’ve Been Living in These Sandals All Summer


Summertime in Tennessee is hot enough that you barely want to wear clothes, let alone shoes. That’s why we’ve been wearing these sandals for the last few months.

Birkenstocks were all the rage when PJ was in high school, but they’ve started to make a comeback in the last few years, and thank God, because we love the way they go with any and every outfit and they’re comfy as hell. They’re classic in the best kind of way, don’t you think?

PJ has been rocking this brown pair and Thomas these black ones. We wear the same size shoes for the most part, but these are the only ones we won’t share. That’s how much we love them 😂.

Also, loving these brown ones with the gold buckles:


We’ve also been eyeing these, these, and these. The ones with the straps on the back seem like they would be especially comfortable.

Do you have a pair, too? Maybe you held onto them for years, waiting for them to come back in style again? OR, you wore them the whole time regardless if they were trendy or not. We like that scenario much better.