Do You Do This When The Kids Go to Bed, Too?


Not sure if it’s because we’re stressed or excited or what, but every night, once we put the kids to bed and they’re all sound asleep, we sneak off into the kitchen and…

EAT THEIR SNACKS AT THE ISLAND WHILE THEY SLEEP. Is that normal? Should we feel guilty? Should we stop? The truth is, we never used to keep snacks in the house, ever. If they’re there, we’ll both eat them no matter what (we’re talking zero self control), so we don’t even go there. And even though we never kept snacks in the house, it’s not like we missed the sensation of snacking. Before, if we were hungry, we would eat some almonds or peanut butter and banana toast or popcorn. Healthy-ish stuff. Emphasis on the ish.

But since we’ve been fostering these kiddos, there are slightly different snacks all over the house (literally all over the house 😑😂) and once bedtime rolls around, we indulge. Now, it’s animal crackers (though we save the Nutella for us only at the moment ;) and cereal and Gold Fish and Teddy Grahams. The kids love fruit, which is great, because we have a ton of that in the house now, too. But…those aren’t the snacks we’re eating at night haha.

Maybe it’s because we’re so much more worn out by the end of the day now? Whatever the reason, the thought of going into the kitchen and raiding our pantry to see which snacks we’re going to munch on each night is something we both look forward to and almost celebrate. It’s the relaxing, quiet time at the end of (very) long days that allows us to take a moment and unwind, just the two of us. It’s comforting, really.

We know it won’t last forever, so we’re deciding not to feel guilty about it and just enjoy it for what it is right now. We’ve talked to a couple of our friends who are parents and they’ve all told us that they used to eat their kids snacks, too, usually when they’re making their lunch or when it’s snack time, because how could you not?

Do you do this, too? What snacks do your kids eat? Would love to get more ideas on what to give the kiddos!