One of Our Favorite Books is Being Turned Into a Movie!


Have you read The Art of Racing in the Rain? It came out in 2008 and Thomas read it a few years back and hasn’t stopped thinking about it since. We were shocked/so excited when we saw the trailer for it on TV the other day! We had no idea it was being turned into a film, and now suddenly August 9 (this Friday!) can’t come soon enough.

The book is about a racecar driver, Denny, and his life with his wife and daughter, but it’s told through the eyes of his hilarious, smart, and sometimes too-serious dog, Enzo. It’s heartbreaking, and you’ll cry and you’ll laugh and you’ll cheer them both on and omg THE ENDING and ahhhh it’s so good.

Usually movie adaptations aren’t even close to be as good as the source material, but it’ll be neat to see the story come to life, and Milo Ventimiglia playing Denny doesn’t hurt either 😍.

(image via here)