A Few Things This Week


We got so many questions on PJ’s tennis shoes last week while we were in Disney! We scoured the internet looking all over for the green/grey color, but didn’t have any luck. We did, however, find the same pair of New Balance running shoes in a different color. They’re so comfortable and we just wish we could find his exact color!

Isn’t this rust-colored turtleneck sweatshirt fun? It seems crazy to be shopping for sweaters this week when three weeks ago we were in short sleeves and shorts here in Tennessee. That’s our weather for you! With a few weeks (months?) left of cold weather, we’re looking forward to oversized sweatshirts for just a little but longer.

We get even more questions on Thomas’ phone case for his iPhone XR. It’s a half fabric, half synthetic leather case that you can store your credit cards and I.D. in. He gets more compliments on this case than anything and it’s only $13!

About to start this book soon. Have you read it? We keep hearing great things online about it and we’re so excited to start a good thriller. Something about it being cold outside while you’re safe and warm inside while reading a thrilling novel that makes us okay with winter sticking around for a bit.