PJ's Experience Taking CBD Oil


A couple of you have asked for an update on PJ and his anxiety since he’s been taking CBD oil for the last couple of months, so we decided to make a whole post on what it is an how it has been helping him. We also made a YouTube video about it and you can view that here!

The what: CBD oil. It’s the big craze right now for helping people with anxiety, aches and pains, seizures, and a number of other health-related issues. It’s different from marijuana because is it’s not psychoactive, AKA it doesn’t get people high. The main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is not found in CBD oil. To learn more about it, check out this article from The Guardian.

The who: PJ, who has dealt with anxiety his whole life. We’ve never discussed it on social media, and in time we will (how it has affected him emotionally, mentally, and physically) but for now it’s important to know that he is aware he suffers from it and we are doing what we can to deal with it. He always says he’s at a 10 (where Thomas is always somewhere around a 2) and has little to no patience, so he’s taking CBD oil to help him calm down a little and take it a little easier.

The when: He’s been taking it for two months at this point, after hearing how helpful it’s been from one of our friends.

The where: We got PJ’s CBD oil and vape pen at Hemp House here in Chattanooga. They were sooo helpful in helping us pick out the one that was right for him, and answered all of our questions. For the oil itself, we went with the 250mg, which is just a smaller dosage amount than the 500mg, though you could get the same effect as the 500mg by putting more in each cup. We also got him the 250mg vape pen, which you inhale the same way you would an e-cigarette. We later upped the mg to 500mg which seems to be working better for PJ.

The how: PJ puts a few drops in his coffee every morning, and sometimes in his afternoon coffee. Every now and then he’ll put it directly under his tongue and swallow it. The bottle says it’s mixed with coconut oil, and the 250mg was almost flavorless, though the 500mg tastes pretty gross. We also got him a vape pen to inhale the CBD oil from time to time. He uses both methods regularly. .

The verdict: We both can absolutely tell a difference since he’s been taking the CBD oil. He seems to have much more patience and isn’t at a 10 all the time. He seems more relaxed which has been beneficial to both of us. Even some of you have said you’ve noticed he is much calmer and not as high-strung in some of our videos!

It’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t usually kick in right away. It can take weeks or sometimes months to starting noticing the effects of CBD oil, and for some it might even take longer. PJ feels this is such a better alternative for him than traditional anxiety medication prescribed by a doctor. He has felt calmer, less stressed, and all around better lately. It took trying the 250mg and upping it to the 500mg before he really started noticing a difference, so it’s worth testing it out to find the best fit for your needs.

It’s important to remember to find what works for you, and CBD oil may or may not be the right choice for you, personally. Over all, PJ is very happy and very satisfied with the results he’s been experiencing the last couple of months. He highly recommends at least trying it out and seeing if it works for you.

Have you already tried it? What has your experience been like with CBD oil?