Painting Our House…In the 80’s


Thanks to Thomas’ brother, we came across these old photos of his dad painting our (their) living room from back in the mid 80’s. How crazy is that?!

They lived with it being white for a number of years, and then decided on this very 80’s salmon color for the living room and den. These two rooms are almost identical to how they look in our house today- in fact these are the only rooms that we kept the original 1920’s windows in, since they’re the ones you see from the street. We replaced all the other windows in the house (they were all in terrible shape, plus we liked how much more efficient they would be). We also beefed up the mantle, added new trim, and rebuilt bigger bookshelves.

You can see what the living room looked like back then in the picture below, and then a similar shot of it this past October, just with less extreme colors ;).


We also replaced the front door, though our new one is pretty much the same one, just with longer window panes.


Feeling grateful to be breathing new life into this old house, the same way Thomas’ parents did 30 years ago.