New Year’s Resolutions: Do or Don’t?


Every year on January 1st, like clockwork, we make our New Year’s Resolutions. Do you do the same?

It seems some people either love making them or are totally and completely against them. And to be honest, we understand both sides of the spectrum. On one end, you’ll inevitably be let down if you don’t end up sticking to them. They’re sometimes difficult and annoying and maybe you make them because you think they’ll make you a better person and yada yada yada. On the other end, it’s a new year and a new beginning to be exactly the person you want to be. In simple terms, it’s just plain fun to make them, and exciting to think about how you’re going to keep them all year. It’s a fresh start, and just the thought of that gets us looking forward to Jan 1st every year.

So this year, we’re documenting our NYR’s right here (we also made a YouTube video where we go into greater detail about these, and you can check it out here!) , and maybe we’ll stick to them and maybe we won’t, but that’s kind of the whole point, don’t you think?


  • Work harder. Just in general. At work, in my marriage, with my family and friends, all of it. This year I will work harder than I ever have before and feel good at the end of the day knowing I did the best I could. Simple as that.

  • Read one book a month. It seems to be on everyone’s list of New Year’s Resolutions (it was on both my brother and his girlfriend’s last year) but I want to do my best to commit to it this year. I got two books for Christmas and I’m loving both of them so far! Wish me luck.

  • Get healthier. I used to work out a few years ago, but ever since the TV show, I haven’t held a steady workout routine. I want to get healthier, especially since I have slightly high cholesterol, so working out is going to be a big part of that.

    The other part of getting healthier is going to start in the kitchen. We’ve told ourselves that we’re going to do the Mediterranean diet this year (or do our best to) which is actually really delicious and very heart healthy. Have you tried it?

  • Be more present. This seems to be one of everyone’s NYRs, and it’s one of mine, too. I want to make sure I know when to put the phone down and just be. I will pay more attention to the ones I love, and when they’re talking, I will give them my full attention, and not be thinking of what’s on my phone or thinking of how I’m going to respond to what they’re saying.


  • Open the venue/cottage community. This one is more of a goal than a resolution, but it’s the thing I’m most excited about this year. I can’t wait for y’all to see our plans come to life and for y’all to come stay and experience the piece of land that we love so much. We’ll keep you updated on the progress!

  • Travel more. Last year we did a lot of traveling and we would love to do even more of it in 2019. We plan to visit Europe again, after falling in love with Amsterdam when we went last fall. This sounds bold, but we would love to do our best to travel at least once a month.

  • Eat better & work out more. This is pretty much in line with Thomas wanting to get healthier. I plan to work out at least five days a week for 30 minutes (minimum) or more each day. I work out at home most days, but we also plan to finally join a gym again, so I’m looking forward to getting back to that!

  • Work on my patience. I always joke with Thomas that I only have one nerve so it’s not hard for me to lose my patience, haha. But, it’s not fair to Thomas or anyone I’m around, so this year I will work on having more patience with people in my day to day life.

  • Work on my anxiety. As you may know, I’ve been taking CBD oil the last couple of weeks to get my anxiety under control and I want that to be a big focus for 2019. It’s something we haven’t talked a lot about over the last couple of years, but I do struggle with anxiety and even (from time to time) depression, and I want to devote a lot of time this year to understanding why and what I can do to manage it.

  • BONUS: I will tile the backsplash of our kitchen this year (finally!) and hopefully get the laundry room finished, since neither were completed when we moved in to our house two years ago. Again, these are more so goals than resolutions, but I’m excited about them all the same!

So there you have it! Do YOU do New Year’s Resolutions or are they just ridiculous? Do you have any you’d like to share?

PS- if you want to check out our YouTube Live we did where we discuss our New Year’s Resolutions, you can see it right here!