Day 20: Husbands Who Cook


Hi. It's me, Thomas again. Because I just can't stop talking about my husband, apparently. 

I came home last night after being at work all day( and then having to run an errand after work, so I didn't get home until an hour after I usually do), and when I walked in, I could smell dinner on the stove, and there PJ was, cooking it. My heart swelled, and I let out a sigh of relief.

The thought of having to make dinner at the end of a long day is daunting and overwhelming, and I guess he knew that, so he went ahead and did it for me. As a bonus, it was also pretty healthy: salt-free and using the vegetables we already had at home, so the whole thing was free! He called me earlier in the day and said we really need to start taking my health seriously (remember how I have high cholesterol? Womp womp) so it felt like the most caring form of love he could have given me. I never really stop to think about it, but the act of making someone food, the one thing we all absolutely need to survive no matter what, is such a kind act of love. And sharing that food once it's cooked is my favorite part.

He made brown rice with chopped onion and corn & black beans, with a homemade tomato sauce, all on top of a spring mix salad. He didn't think it was that flavorful, but I thought it was delicious.


While writing this, it got me thinking how this is maybe my third post this month talking about how grateful I am for PJ. But honestly, it's nothing new. If you've followed my Instagram or even our joint Instagram, I've been talking about how much this man means to me for years. When he does stuff like this, I almost can't help but write about it, you know? And like I said in the last post I wrote about him, we're not a perfect couple. Sometimes I even question it when people call us #relationshipgoals because we have our faults, too. But maybe that's not how a successful relationship is measured. Maybe it's about acknowledging that there will be good and bad times and then being grateful for the good while learning from the bad.

I don't know what I would do without PJ to make the  bed for us, work on the yard for us, and make dinner for me when I don't feel like making it for myself. Life would be a lot less whole without you,  PJ McKay. Today and everyday, I'm thankful for you most of all.