Day 1: Husbands Who Make The Bed


Well here we are. Day one out of 30 of acknowledging the most beautiful part about our day.

We're actually really looking forward to this. Is it sad to see it as a challenge? Besides blogging every day for 30 days straight (which is a challenge in itself), shouldn't we already just be able to see the beauty in each day? 

So let's get right to it. The most beautiful thing about our day, at least the one most worth mentioning, has to do with husbands who make the bed. Funny enough, it also captures our different personalities perfectly. Thomas took the picture below because he felt like it accurately shows what the feeling of the end of a long week looks like: messy, all over the place, and knowing you wouldn't want to be anywhere else than in your comfy, cozy bed. 


Thomas was picking up around the house when he came back in the room about an hour later and saw the bed was made. Not perfectly, but it was noticeably neater than before, just the way PJ likes it. See what we mean? Thomas is always go with the flow, and PJ is so structured , always wanting things to look their best, which neither of us are complaining about. A made bed is such a treat at the end of the night to us. Pulling the covers back, hopping into bed after a long day. Bonus points if they're freshly cleaned, out of the dryer sheets!

So A+ for all you husbands (and wives! and partners!) out there who make the bed every day. It is always appreciated, especially at the end of a somewhat hectic week. It can't be overstated enough. 

Hope you had a good week! xx