Day 19: Summer/Fall Nights


Tonight we hung out on the porch for a little while and it was the perfect end to a relaxing, rainy day.

We brought the speaker outside and turned out Bossa Nova radio because you know our feelings about that music. The humidity was low, the heat just didn't show up tonight, and the sun was going down. There’s a cool breeze in the air that’s so refreshing in the middle of summer. It almost feels like fall again tonight, but you can still hear the crickets doing their thing. It's a nice and surprising mix of mother nature and it creates an intoxicating atmosphere of being completely content for this exact moment in our life. Do you know what we mean?

If we could bottle this feeling and sell it, no, GIVE it away for free, we would send you a bottle tomorrow. Summer nights that feel like fall are suddenly our favorite kind of nights. 

See you tomorrow, friend. xx