Day 18: Quick Land Trip With The Girls


And not our little dogs. Nope! 

We brought our big girls out to our land Monday night to let them swim and run around. We posted it on our story and, as usual, received a lot of messages from folks either saying they didn't know we had other dogs besides out little ones, or asking why we never post about them.

In any event, we take them out to the land every once in a while to let them stretch their legs and they love it. The grass is really high out there right now, so it makes it a little challenging to really enjoy it to the fullest, but it's going to be mowed one more time this year (maybe in August?) and then it'll be back to cleaning it up and getting ready to build. 


When we left the land, we drove around downtown looking at a couple of the buildings that are for sale and began to daydream by listing off what we would do with each one if we were ever to buy them. Our downtown is filled with pretty brick buildings that are dying to be renovated and restored to their former glory, so who knows? Maybe one day....


Hope your Monday was a good one, friends. And if it wasn't, there's six more days in the week to try again. xx

PS- we relaxed on the back porch last night for the first time in what feels like forever (it's been too hot!!) and it was nice. Do you spot anyone familiar in the bottom left corner? Look hard :).