Day 4: Instagram vs. Real Life

It’s thundering and pouring down rain outside right now which is our best night ever but we thought the below was pretty funny. Do you know what movie the first picture is from? Hint: we get a lot of inspo from her movies and this one is one of our favorites!


The bottom photo is our room and the top is from It’s Complicated, one of our favorite movies by Nancy Meyers and stars Meryl Streep & Alec Baldwin. Have you seen it? Like all of Nancy Meyers’ films, it’s filled with gorgeous, creamy white interiors and a storyline that always works out in the end. Such a feel good movie. If nothing else, you should check it out for the set design!! 

We were joking today that the bedroom from the movie set is what it would look like on Instagram, all done up and staged to perfection, while our room is more what real life looks like 😂. In all seriousness though, we’re completely happy with our bedroom at the moment and obviously the set design of that movie was a big inspiration for us, but it’s still fun to notice how similar they are, right down to the door placement (which wasn’t planned). 

Hope your day was well, friend. See you tomorrow xx.  


(Above photo via here)