Day 3: Floating Down the River


Okay we totally forgot to take a picture of what we actually did for day 3 of the challenger so here’s a picture of yesterday morning when the sun was pouring into the living room giving us all the grateful feels for a world where Sunday mornings look like this. 😊 Moving on.

It’s mid July and yesterday was the first time we’ve floated down the river all year. We’ve been meaning to go for a while, ever since we’ve had our land and since it’s been warm enough, but we’ve been traveling so much the last two months that we haven’t made time to go. So, we ordered some tubes online, blew them up, packed a cooler, and headed out to the land with Thomas’ mom and our friend Golden to finally take advantage of the river that we live so close to. 

 We loaded up two cars and drove one to our land and parked it, and then drove a little ways up the river to the “put in” spot and parked the other car. All four of us connected our tubes together and just floated down the river and it was so relaxing. The water was freezing but the weather was hot and it had us wondering what took us so long do to this?! Why hadn’t we made time to just spend time in nature and enjoy each other’s company? One of the things we promised ourselves that we were going to do now that we’re home for a while is spend more time with friends and family so yesterday felt good. It just felt right. 

If you haven’t spent some time in nature recently, highly recommend doing so, though preferably somewhere near water, especially if it’s as hot where you are as it is here. It was neat to be able to just get out at our land (since it’s on the river) and dry off and head home. Can’t wait to get the cottages and venue up and running so we can spend more time out there!

Anyway, that’s all for today. Hope you were able to find the beauty in your day, too. xx