Day 5: Letters


We went to our PO Box today and opened it to find FOUR letters from you guys!

You don't know how much it makes our day to hear from y'all and to learn your backgrounds and read where you came from, your struggles and triumphs and what you've gone through. And not just the rough, hard to talk about stuff, but also the good stuff. How you and your significant other are doing, the things that make y'all happy, invitations to your special events. 

We don't say it enough, but it means the world that you're here with us. When we started our Instagram account a few years ago, it was mostly about renovating our 1950's ranch house we had just moved into, along with some pictures of us documenting our relationship so we had something fun to look back on in the future. Then, once we started talking to you and meeting new friends on the app, to us it became more about community, about meeting people who know what it's like to feel different than all of your friends growing up, or feeling like you can't be your true self because you're from a small, southern town and other people there just wouldn't get it.

The point is, we're so grateful to be able to connect with people all over the world who are like us, but also who are different from us. It's a beautiful learning and we're so much better because of y'all. We hope to meet and connect with even more people in the future, but for now, we hope you've had a wonderful Tuesday. We'll see you back here tomorrow night!