Day 2: Cook


Do you cook a lot at home?

Ever since we found out Thomas has high cholesterol, we've been trying to cook and eat healthy more and more. It's not always easy (read: never easy) for us to cook at home because, let's just be honest, laziness, so it's something we're constantly working on.

Thomas' sister Amy got us this book last year called Cook: Visualize The Perfect Plate, and tonight we broke it out. Have you heard of it? It's filled with the most beautiful photos of meals and ingredients and it breaks down every step so it's actually really easy to make the recipes. There are so many gorgeous recipes and we can't wait to try them all, but for tonight we tried one and it was so good!!

On the menu for tonight was ratatouille! Loved the movie, but we don't know if we've ever had the dish before. It's basically a bunch of different vegetables dumped into a pot with olive oil and garlic and then it's dinner. Some people use noodles and make it a pasta but this recipe didn't call for that. 


How pretty are all the ingredients laid out? This dish is big on taste and especially big on color. 


And it's pretty healthy, too. No added salt or sugar. Just fresh veggies all mixed together for a quick and tasty meal. If you want the recipe for yourself, check it out below:


And here's how ours turned out:


It's definitely prettier before it's cooked, but the taste is delish. PJ added parmesan to his for garnish. Yum. So that's that! Have you had ratatouille before? We'll definitely be making this again, probably for a bigger group of people, though. #leftovers

See you tomorrow. xx

UPDATE: PJ made his into a pizza 😂