Away We Go!


We’re currently at the ATL airport waiting to board a plane that will take us to San Francisco for the weekend! We are SO excited. We’re traveling with Mister B&B (the BEST gay travel app out there. Have you downloaded it?) and it’ll be our first time in San Francisco and PJ’s first time in CA in over a decade.

Looking at the weather this weekend has us stoked because it’s not going to get hotter than 73 degrees (in June!!) which will be a nice break from the 85+ degree weather here in TN. A lot of you told us to bring jackets and pants, so after we put a bunch of shorts and t shirts in our suitcases, we repacked appropriately so that we won’t freeze. Who knew?! 

Another reason we’re so excited to be going to SF is because it’s our first time going to this big of a Pride celebration! We hate that we’ll miss the parade on Sunday, but it doesn’t start until around 2p and our flight leaves at 12:30p :(. Hoping to still get to do some fun Pride events on Saturday, though. It’s such a short time to take in a city as beautiful as SF so we’re going to make the most of it while we’re there. We want to eat at all the good restaurants, see all the pretty sights, meet all the nice people. You’ve been giving us suggestions on Insta and we really appreciate it!!! 

Besides Seattle two years ago, this will also be the most gay-friendly city we’ve ever been to. We don’t know what to expect but we would be lying if we said we weren’t looking forward to walking down the street holding hands without judgey eyes looking at us. We don’t know what that’s like! What if we love San Fran (is that what the locals call it?) so much that we end up moving there?! 😂 TBD.

Well we’re off for now. Our plane is about to board which means it’s time to settle in and (hopefully) fall asleep on the five hour plane ride. Maybe we’ll see you in CA? xx