Good to be Home


We got home late Monday night after spending the weekend in San Francisco for Pride with Mister B&B. As soon as we walked through the door and saw Alyster and our two little girls (the big girls are at PJ’s mom’s house until we pick them up tomorrow), we got the biggest feeling of comfort and relief. We were home! Finally.

We had the time of our lives in SF, though! We met some amazing people who we feel blessed to call new friends! It wouldn’t have been as much fun without Kyle, Titus, and Raymond, who were so kind and ended up showing us so much of the city, we guess you could call them our tour guides (even though none of them currently live there, they new their way around the entire city!). We also finally met Brock & Chris from Yummertime after being friends on a Instagram for what feels like forever. They were beyond sweet and just as charming in person as they are online. We plan on making a blog & a vlog of the whole trip so stay tuned for that to see how we spent our time in SF!


Before we went to SF, PJ was working in Ohio for 5 days, and before that we were on the cruise for a week, so you can imagine how good it felt to come home and just be HOME. Relaxing on our couch, cuddling in our bed, watching Netflix and playing with the girls and Alyster. It’s also fun to drive around town and see small, subtle changes that occurred while you’re gone, you know? Maybe a house that’s being fixed up is further along or maybe a road has been newly paved. There’s always something that’s slightly different when we get back from being gone and that can make coming home to the same town you’ve lived in forever all the more exciting.


We have 3 house guests (from two different cities!) coming to stay with us for the next couple of days and they’ll be here in just a few hours! We are so excited! You may recognize their faces from Instagram ;) so keep an eye out to see who it is. One of the main things we love about Instagram is how many people we are able to meet from all over the U.S. and become friends with. All from an app. How cool is that?

We hope you had a wonderful pride weekend and are getting back into the swing of things this week. Take care, friend. xx

 PS- we leave on another trip ONE WEEK from today with more Instagram friends!!!! We CANNOT WAIT!!  

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