Yesterday was one of those perfect days that you kind of didn't want to end. The weather was perfect, we had nothing major to do but felt productive regardless. Spent a lot of the day outside. How was your Friday?

PJ has been training an antique climbing rose bush around our carport since we moved in last year and they are finally climbing up the brick!!! And they're blooming!


He rooted them from his grandmother's garden and he's brought them to every house he's moved in to. Love that there's a little bit of his family's history tied (literally) into Thomas' family history in our home. You can't see it in the pictures above but there's another one on the other side of the carport climbing up too. Hopefully but next year they will meet in the middle and take over the carport completely. 


There's a new wine bar in downtown Cleveland called The Press that opened this past Feb and we somehow just heard about it?! We went last night with Thomas' mom and it was so casual and charming. We've been saying this a lot lately, but it didn't feel like a place that would be in Cleveland. It's right next to Stack which we went to in March and has a similar vibe. We love that there seems to be a real revitalization happening in our little downtown with new restaurants popping up and fun things going on on the weekends.

Last night we opened a new bottle of wine and had dinner on the back porch complete with Bossa Nova radio and the big bulb party lights. We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but if you haven't had dinner with wine and Bossa Nova playing in the background, you need to do so immediately. It changes the whole feel of dinner and makes an ordinary evening feel so romantic and special. 


Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies over here, and we hope we don't make it seem like it is because honestly no one's life is perfect and we should never pretend that it is. However, when days are as sweet as this, they're always worth documenting so we can remember how great life really is when you stop and think about it. We hope you had a great Friday, too, friend.