Friday Night Lights


We finally had a beautiful day today, all day! It’s been so miserable here all week, though not as bad as they’re getting it up north, but still pretty rainy and dreary. It’s like a horrible fog was lifted today and we were left with the most beautiful winter light bouncing all around us. 

We had a quiet Friday night which was so refreshing because we had absolutely nothing to do. PJ cleaned up around the outside and cut some rosemary to put in a vase and Thomas folded some clothes. And we can’t tell you how thankful we were for a sunny, calm Friday night. 


After that, we headed out to dinner downtown to this new burger place called Stack that we've been meaning to try out. We actually have a real burger joint now and it was packed! It's so nice to see more and more people coming downtown. There's a coffee shop opening this spring right around the corner that we're excited to try out, too. Exciting times, y'all!


We stopped by Thomas' mom's house and chatted with her for a little bit and planned our little Oscar party for Sunday night. We're going to make homemade pizza for the first time! We've been talking about making pizza for years now as a fun thing to do on a weekend but for some reason we've never gotten around to it. We do a little Oscar party every year with the family and a few friends. Do you do anything for the Oscars? We have ballots and everything haha.


Doesn't it feel nice to not have any plans? To be able to do whatever you want on your own terms and not have to commit to anything? We're feeling grateful for nights like those and for spending Friday night at home with the winter light all around us.