Beautiful Weekend + Q&A


You're probably going to be hearing this a lot over the next few months, but the we had the most delicious weather this weekend and it put us in the best moods. It was actually supposed to rain all day Saturday but it ended up being so breezy and warm, with lots of sunshine, so we spent the majority of the weekend outside soaking it all in. 

We had a small graduation party at our house for Thomas' sister's fiance Alice since she just graduated from college on Saturday. If you follow us on Instagram, you know how happy good food and music makes us. We grilled out, opened the doors, and ate a bunch of this stuff below:


PJ & Thomas' mom always cooking in the ktichen. Kind of love that. After dinner we all went walking around the neighborhood because, agan, the weather was begging us to. You could tell a storm was coming because there was that energizing feeling in the air right before it rains and it  made the whole night that much sweeter. When we came home it starting pouring, so we turned on a scary movie and cuddled up with the family. Something about watching a scary movie while it rains makes it even scarier, don't you think?


We woke up on Sunday to another bright and sunny day, even though the weather called for more rain. We showed a couple of houses and then headed out to our land since we hadn't been out there in about two weeks. We worked for a couple of hours clearing out the brush and weed-eating the grass because IT IS SO FRIGGIN TALL. Seriously, driving through the field, PJ's truck started to smell like it was burning because the grass kept getting up under it. We have someone who is supposed to cut it all for hay in the next month or so and that can't come soon enough. We mostly stuck to the grass and brush near the river bank for now and it's amazing the difference a couple of hours makes.


We forgot to take a propper "after" picture, but you can kind of tell in the picture below. The grass on the right of the fence is how tall it was, and everything to the left is what we cleaned out. It already looks so much better!!! It's probably hard to tell the layout of the land from the pics and videos we've shared, so we will get a layout up soon so you can see what we are dealing with.


It was so peaceful out there just cleaning and making progress. It felt good to get part of it back to what it looked like when we bought it. We have A LOT to do but there's no place we would rather be than out there on the land, so it's totally worth the work.


Can't wait to get some lawn chairs and relax in the water this summer. The photo above was taken when the water was really low (when we first got there to work) and by the time we were finished and ready to hop in to cool off, the water was up and running so we decided to wait for another time. Can't you just picture gliding down that river in a canoe or a kayak? Ah... Can't. Wait.

In other news, we uploaded a new Q&A video to our YouTube FINALLY. It's been over two years since our last one so it was waaaaay overdue. This is just Part 1, and Part 2 will go up this coming Sunday. In the first one, we answer questions like what we love/don't love about working together and what our biggest challenge as a couple is. You can check it out here! And if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to our channel so you never miss a video! 

Hope y'all had a great weekend, too. Happy Monday!!!!