Estate Sale Treasures


If you follow us on Instagram, you know we went to one hell of an estate sale this weekend. We showed y’all the house and grounds (and to be honest, we might do a whole separate post on those two things alone because holy cow!!) as well as some of the items we found that we ended up bringing home with us.

We got a couple of lamps, trinkets, and baskets, but by far our favorite purchase, which may be our favorite piece of furniture we’ve ever bought, was the big hutch you see in the corner up there. When we went the first day, we posted a picture of the hutch to our story and SO many of y’all told us to get it. We thought about it so much but at the end of the day we decided not to spend the money, so we left with the items we mentioned above, and no hutch. 

We went back the second day, Sunday, which was the last day of the estate sale, just to make sure we really didn’t want the hutch. There were actually two hutches that we wanted but we didn’t put the other one on Instagram. It was bigger and for some reason $100 less than the one we ended up buying. We thought about using it in the upstairs bathroom as a linen and towel closet.


We offered a price we would be willing to pay if we bought both of them, but they didn’t agree to it, so we chose the one we loved the most and brought it home. We are somewhat kicking ourselves today knowing we didn’t just get both of them, BUT we feel good about our purchase of just the one, especially since we got it for $250 off asking price.  

Here are some of the other pieces we got from the sale this weekend:


The metal lamp with the orange empire shade that somehow perfectly matches the shades of our sconces we have throughout the house. PJ was iffy on it but Thomas absolutely loved it, so for $10 it was ours. We also took home the turquoise statue in the top right corner. Not sure about the placement, but it’s living there for now.


How cool is that gold and black lamp? We got it for $15 and knew exactly where we wanted it to go before we even bought it. The shade was painted black with fabric paint and the base was painted gold. Wonder what color the whole thing was originally?


We also picked up this wooden stand for around $40. There was a giant crack down the middle so on Sunday morning PJ took it apart and is currently in the process of repairing it. This is what it looks like at the moment: 


Hopefully it will be repaired and ready to go in the next couple of days. Not sure where it’s going just yet. Maybe in the dining room with a really pretty plant on it? 

So that was where the majority of our weekend was spent! If you’re looking for great, one of a kind pieces for not a lot of money, you should check out estate sales every now and then. We’ve gotten so many pieces in our house from estate sales and we can’t recommend them enough. Happy hunting!