Wine Night + Dancing


Last night we enjoyed a glass of wine on the back deck while finishing up something we’ve been working on the last couple of days. We usually only drink red wine (okay read: always) but last night we decided to finish a bottle of white we opened and man. It was delicious. The weather was perfect, the wine was chill, and life was good.

Once it got dark, we moved inside and poured A red cab we picked up that night. Then we turned on Usher Pandora radio and proceeded to dance for the next couple of hours. Have you ever had a random dance party with your love? It’s actually really fun to dance like crazy people to old bops that were popular when you were in middle school. You should try it!

We normally listen to Bossa Nova radio at night/when we drink wine, but it was nice to switch it up last night for something different and unexpected. Like one of our favorite quotes says: “You have to be the kind of person who can make the best out of a Tuesday.”