We can't tell you how elated we are every time we receive a letter from y'all in our PO Box. We love learning about you; your life, your struggles, your triumphs, your past. That you feel comfortable enough to share all of that with us makes us so grateful for social media. The fact we can all connect to each other from all over the world (we received letters from Australia and Tanzania!) can make everyone not feel so alone, you know? We went to the post office today to find our PO Box so full! Some of these letters brought us to tears, but all of them put a smile on our faces.

We spent Saturday night responding to them and can we just say how wonderful it is to send and receive snail mail these days? It's like a special treat that you only get to have once in awhile and when you do get it, man it makes your day. It takes so much longer than sending an Instagram message, text message, or even an email, which makes it all the more special, knowing that someone spent their time writing to you, and trusting you enough to share bits of their life.

If you would like to say hey, our address is PO Box 939 Cleveland, TN 37364. And if you haven't written anybody in a while, you should give it a try! Go on, we guarantee it will make their day.