Oscars Party 2018


Every year we have a little Oscar party and this year we had it at our house, since it’s the first year we’re living here. If you’ve been following along with us for a bit, you’re probably noticing a trend that we’re having all of the major holidays and events at our house. That will probably wear off by the end of the year, but it’s fun to celebrate new memories in a place that’s filled with so many great old ones.

Thomas’ mom and his brother’s girlfriend Mariah got started in the kitchen, and PJ joined in after that. We made bacon wrapped asparagus and three different kinds of homemade pizza: pepperoni, pesto, and magerita. They were all great but the white garlic pesto sauce was probably the overall favorite.


We have been wanting to make homemade pizza for, no joke, at least 5 years. There's always been something holding us back though but we finally did it and it was seriously good. Like, really good. We got the dough at Publix for $2.79 a piece so it was pretty affordable too. We know what we're making this Friday for dinner :)


We had a few people over so we busted out these markers that you can write your names on wine glasses with and they just wash off under water. How cool are they? 


Did you watch the Oscars this year? We saw 3 out of the 9 best picture nominees so we felt like we were missing out. Apparently they were the least watched show in modern history, so maybe we weren’t the only ones feeling left out? We spent most of the night pigging out and laughing anyway, and the show was sort of on in the background. However, The Shape of Water is at the top of our list now after it won Best Picture. We'll let you know what we think!

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