Finally Getting Around to Hanging Some Art


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year (for the first time ever!) and had a bunch of family and friends over for the day. Since we knew we were hosting, we wanted to make sure everything looked good and ready for guests. We've had art lying around the house since we moved in in April just begging to be framed and hung on the wall, but for some reason we kept putting it off and finding literally any other project to work on besides that.

We've been collecting art over the last couple of years and there was no better excuse to hang it than with the holidays just around the corner. Thats when Framebridge came to the rescue! We went to their website, picked out our favorite frames from their huge and beautiful collection, input the dimensions of our art, and waited to receive packaging to send in our art. Once the packages arrived (with the return shipping label!), we put the art in them, sealed them up, and sent them off to be framed. Literally 4 days later we had our old art back home with us, only this time in brand new custom frames that the people at Framebridge made and sent back to us with the utmost care. It's as simple as that.

Then the fun began! We FINALLY had our art framed! It was time to hang it all around the house. Take a look:


Our trip to Seattle last summer made such an impression on us, we had to frame this old picture of Puget Sound we picked up while we were there. We framed it in Framebridge's steel-ribbed frame and it's our absolute favorite one! That's the thing about Framebridge, they offer so many different styles that you can get whatever type of frame fits your design aesthetic. 

In our dining room we hung a picture of the old train depot here in Cleveland that we picked up at an estate sale TWO YEARS AGO. We weren't kidding about pictures lying around the house for way too long.


We had two prints framed that we purchased on our most recent trip to Rosemary Beach this past summer and hung them in our upstairs guest bath. The bamboo frames are so different and unique. Obsessed with them:


In our breakfast nook we had an eye chart that we picked up at a local antique store framed, along with the original blueprints of our last home below it. 


The last picture we had framed was a map of way the stars were aligned on the day we got married from The Night Sky. Seriously y'all, these pictures make such thoughtful, completely original gifts for loved ones. We highly recommend checking them out. We ended up placing it in one of our guest bedrooms (we call it the tree house room because of its vaulted ceilings and big trees right outside the windows) and it looks great against the white walls and striped duvet cover.


So here's to Framebridge & The Night Sky for making our house feel more like a home, especially during the holiday season. We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family, friends, and some delicious food.