A White, Black, and Brown Kitchen


We've seen this kitchen pop up on Pinterest so much lately and it's left us completely in awe. So, after probably the fourth time of coming across it, we decided to track it down and see who's it was.

Turns out, it belongs to designer Daryl Carter and is located in Washington D.C. He bought the home in 1997 and has since redecorated it multiple times, but we hope it stays the way it is now for a while. We love the sophisticated, collected, artsy feel throughout; with statues and sculptures and books in almost every room.

The kitchen is by far our favorite room, though. It's that perfect mix of warm and cool, industrial yet lived in. The marble counters are a beautiful contrast to the black cabinets, while the stained wood island with an iron étagère on top of it gives it warmth, depth. The range (!!!!) with the stainless steel hood, glass front cabinets, and the shelving unit in the middle of the island really make it feel like a commercial restaurant kitchen, don't they? You wouldn't think that putting giant shelves on top of your island in the middle of your kitchen would ever work but they definitely -make- this kitchen 100 times cooler. 


With his to-die-for kitchen, one would think Darryl would be a master chef. Not so much. “I do not cook. At all. Anything," he says. "I will occasionally do the dishes.” We've been slacking on staying in and cooking lately, but we will gladly help him cook in this kitchen!!! 

To learn more about the house and see the rest of the pictures, head to One Kings Lane!

All pictures via  here.

Gallery Wall Inspiration for the Den

Gallery Wall Inspiration for the Den

Ever since we moved in to the new house, we've just had a big mirror above the couch. Before we used the room as a den it was staged (for the show) and used as an office, and our TV room was upstairs. We put the TV upstairs because we really wanted our downstairs to encourage conversation over everyone watching a big flat box together, and also because we knew that if we didn't have specific a reason to go upstairs (i.e. to watch television) than we would never use that space.

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