There’s No Place Like Home


After three different countries and spending all week visiting parts of the world we’ve never been to before, it felt so good to walk through our front door and exhale. We are home!

We got home late Saturday night and the first thing we did was make a big pot of coffee. Sounds weird, but we were wired and had lots of unpacking to do and we knew we wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway. We loved on the fur babies and changed our sheets (forgot to do that before we left) and just took in being home. The cruise was, as always, amazing, and visiting all of the new (to us) cities and meeting so many new friends was the highlight of our trip, but there’s just something about being home and settling back into a routine that we absolutely love.

We’ll be posting some vlogs and blogs in the next few weeks all about the cruise and the cities we visited, so stay tuned!