Packed & Ready to Go


Almost* packed and ready to go.

Our suitcases are out, things are getting packed up, we have a few friends here who are staying at our house, and we’re getting last minute things ready, because we leave for Europe tomorrow!

It’s always so stressful the day before you go out of town isn’t it? So much to do and not enough time to do it, it seems. BUT, we’re making the best of it and actually did something different this time: we started packing little by little a few days before. So one night we got all of our underwear and socks together, the next night all of our shorts and pants and shirts, and then lastly we put together the outfits we want to wear on certain days, so that we make sure we’re only packing what we need.

This is the longest trip we’ve ever had to pack for, so we’re doing what we can to fit everything into a carry on so we don’t have to check a bag. We’ve heard too many horror stories (and actually, one of y’all emailed us about one!) about folks losing their bags when flying internationally that we didn’t want to take a chance. Better safe than sorry, right?

We’re pretty sure the fur babies can tell we’re leaving, too. They always can, and it’s heartbreaking every time. They are quieter, more shy and reserved, and seem to lay around the house all melancholy-like. 😔


We’ll do our best to update the blog from the ship, but most likely you can catch up on everything we did on our YouTube channel once we’re back. We’ll also be posting a full recap blog so stay tuned for that!

Wish us luck 😊.