The Kindness of Strangers


Last night we poured a glass of wine, cozied up in our chair, and opened four brand new letters from some of y’all.

Isn’t the internet funny? It connects people from all over the world, from different backgrounds and lifestyles, who wouldn’t normally get the chance to know each other. Because of the internet, we’ve met so many people who have added so much to our story and helped shape our perceptions and outlooks on life. Just in the last few years, we feel like we’ve grown so much as people and so much of it is because of people like you who we’ve met through Instagram, YouTube, etc.

And it’s not just things we’ve learned about ourselves that’s been the rewarding part- it’s getting the chance to learn about you, too. You’ve opened up to us and shared vulnerable, real, and raw experiences you’ve gone through. You’ve told us about how you waited to come out and did so much later in life because it wasn’t as acceptable when you were growing up. You’ve shared that you, too, were catfished and sympathized with how badly it hurts. You described your heartbreaking breakup and how you’re doing your best to get over them. You’ve confided in us how you can’t come out to your conservative family because they won’t understand, and it could change the way they look at you.

You’ve told us these things and we feel honored that you would. Who ever would have thought that two guys from a small town in the south would get the opportunity to talk, really talk, with people from all over the world? We believe that when we open ourselves up to others and share the ugly, uncomfortable, hard, and challenging parts of our lives, we realize we’re not all that different after all, no matter where we come from.

And suddenly, we don’t feel much like strangers at all. Isn’t the internet funny?