Our Funny, Loud, Hoppy, Chewy, Lovable Little Girl


Oh Ariana Goatye, what are we going to do with you? This little girl has completely uprooted our life. In the best way possible.

Ever since we got her, she’s been baaaa’ing and hopping and grunting and chewing her way into our hearts and lately we’ve been wondering how we made it so long without her. PJ has been wanting a goat for years, and would send Thomas pics of some he’d find here and there, but for whatever reasons those never ended up working out. We suppose we’ve never really had a place for one at any of our houses, but once PJ finished fencing in our back yard, we decided it was time!

Her favorite thing in the world is to climb and jump on our backs anytime we even remotely bend down or slightly lean over. Sometimes she makes it up, sometimes she balances on just our shoulders, and sometimes she doesn’t make it at all and topples over. And you know what? It never gets old.


She loves to be held (which goats aren’t big on) and to cuddle, so she fits right in in our family. PJ will bring her in at night and she’ll fall asleep in his arms while we’re watching a movie.


Besides our backs, she climbs on EVERYTHING else, too. She loves the wood pile we have in our backyard the most, but we’ll often find her on top of our patio table and chairs- one of her favorite spots to explore and look out onto the yard from.


(When we first got her. Look how little she was! Those eyes!)

We’re looking to get her a companion because she’s outgrowing our little girls and goats do better in groups anyway, so she’ll have someone to climb and play with. As soon as we can, we plan to move her out to our property so she has more room to run around and be the free little Goatye she is.

Our only frustration with her is that she won’t stop growing so fast! Her legs are so long, her baaaaa aaaa aaaa is getting deeper, and her horns are HUGE. A couple of you have commented on how big her horns are now, and she’s starting to realize it, too. It cracks us up to see her ram things and try to rough things up with her newly discovered, twin ambassadors of pain. But seriously, we want our baby to stop growing so quickly. She’s a Nigerian Dwarf goat, so she won’t get too big, but we already miss how small she was! They grow up so fast, don’t they?

So in short, we love her. We’re obsessed with her. And goats are pure joy. Have you ever had one?