We're Obsessed With This New (Old) Show


And if you recognize the kitchen above, you’re most likely obsessed with it, too.

The last few weeks we’ve been finishing up Sabrina on Netflix, Game of Thrones came back on, so PJ’s been getting into that again, and we’re loving the new documentary Our Planet that just came out on Netflix. We also already told y’all about the shows we can’t get enough of a few weeks back. But there’s one show that has absolutely without a doubt totally consumed our attention lately: The Fosters.

Have you seen it? It started in 2013 on ABC Family (which then became FreeForm) and just ended its five season run last summer, so we are most definitely late to the party, but we’re almost glad we waited this long because we can watch every single episode on Netflix whenever we want! Serious question: what did we do before streaming?

It’s about two lesbians, Stef and Lena, and their five kids (one biologically belongs to Stef, while the other four were fostered and then later adopted), as they navigate home life, relationships, work, and school. It shows the ups and downs of family life and how chaotic yet beautiful it can be. It’s one of those special shows that appeals to kids and adults, with very real depictions of both.


Did we mention they live in a gorgeous old craftsman home? Y’all know we’ve been known to watch movies and tv shows for the houses alone (no shame) and this one does not disappoint. But besides the eye candy, this show regularly displays what a real marriage is like, and we sometimes forget we’re watching a television show. Not only is it out of the ordinary to show a long term LGBTQ relationship on TV, it’s also somewhat rare to show them having issues, problems, disagreements and arguments. But this show goes there. It deals with things like Stef and Lena having struggles with intimacy after being together for so long, or the hardships of raising a big family and trying to be there for every one of your kids. This show isn’t afraid to show that it’s not always rainbows and sunny days in a marriage, and that it takes hard work to make it last.

Besides that, there are so many real, important issues that it brings up. It deals with foster kids and how heartbreaking the foster care system can be. It deals with divorce and parents who aren’t exactly there for their kids. It deals with bi-racial couples and kids and even shows one of the main characters struggling to come out at a young age (12 years old!).Saying we wish we had a show like this when we were young would be an understatement.

We’re on season three currently and honestly get sad when we think about it ending. Do you do that, too? It’s like finishing a good book and wanting there to be at least one more chapter. We’re not even at the end yet and we’re already dreading it. BUT- the good news is there’s a spinoff called Good Trouble that’s on FreeForm, and if it’s anything like The Fosters, we’re already hooked.

Have you seen The Fosters? What other LGBTQ shows do you find yourself relating to?

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