It’s Not Fall Yet, But We Did Something Anyway...


The air has been considerably cooler lately and a false fall seems to be creeping in for a few days. With even the hint of fall, we couldn't help ourselves and did something to accelerate that feeling in our house.

Call us cliche, basic, whatever. We're okay with that. We are unashamed of the fact that we simply love fall. But honestly, have you ever met someone who didn't like fall? It's just an optimistic season and ever since we moved into our bungalow downtown, we've been loving it even more. How can you not get a cozy, warm feeling with colors like these?


So with the slight chill in the air (especially in the mornings!) we bought a diffuser, along with a couple of "fall" scented essential oils to make our home smell as good as fall feels. We somewhat got into essential oils a few years ago when Thomas' friend bought us a little diffuser, but used it so much that it more or less stopped working, and we didn't take the time to replace it. Luckily, this gorgeous weather kicked our butts into gear and we finally replaced it with a simple diffuser that works perfectly:

The VicTsing 300ml Diffuser might just be our new favorite purchase. Best part: it's currently on sale for $15 off! This isn't an ad, either. We honestly just love it and have ben asking ourselves what took us so long to order it in the first place. It's quiet, puts off a nice glow, and you can choose from a bunch of different colors for it to put off. We've been doing light blue and the white lately. 

We had a couple of standard essential oils on hand, like lavender (to help us sleep better) and peppermint (to help with headaches, etc.) but we wanted a few that smelled like our favorite season. We found two that perfectly capture that fall scent we were looking for and give us the warm fuzzies every time they're going:

  • Maple Syrup- It's you eating your favorite waffle & pancake breakfast while wrapped up in a fuzzy sweater in November, looking out of your 100 year old creaky windows as you're surrounded by books and being warmed by the logs from your fireplace. Not even kidding.
  • McIntosh Apple- This is you on a trail in the woods with your closest friends and family as the sun is shining but you're still in a light jacket and the air smells so clean & crisp, you can't help but take in multiple gulps of it while stepping on the crunchy leaves and wanting to remember this feeling forever.

Needless to say, the diffuser makes our whole house smell like the movie Hocus Pocus feels: warm, familiar, and cozy. It's going to be hot again in a few days, we're sure of it, but for now we're enjoying this false fall and all the feelings of comfort it's bringing with it. Do you love fall this much, too?