Design Dilemma


Yesterday we came home to find a ton of furniture we ordered online sitting on our front porch. Finally! We were so excited because we had spent so long picking out each piece and deciding where we wanted it to go in our house. We ordered a bunch of different things for a few rooms and had spent almost a month choosing just the right pieces.

When we got them inside and started opening them and putting them together, we felt really good about everything. It was cool to see it all in person and finally in the rooms after spending so much time ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over them online. 


We set up one of the rooms with the furniture all in its place and stepped back to admire the view and...... well it didn't really look all that good to be honest. We were upset. We had spent sooooo much time going over the floorplan and where this and that would go and now that everything was in its place, it just felt off. It didn't have the look/feel that we were going for and we couldn't figure out why.

This isn't going to be one of those posts where we tell you our dilemma and then by the end of it we reassure you that everything is fine because we figured it out and blah blah blah. Nope. This is the kind of still-working-on-it post where we haven't 100% found the solution yet. We ended up rearranging the whole layout of the room in question and it made it somewhat better, and we still have to bring in accessories like art, lamps, and ~decorative~ items. But still, as of right now, we've kind of hit a wall creatively.

When that happens, we like to clear the room out and go back to the basics, back to what we had originally envisioned and see what we need and don't need to achieve that vision. We worked on it until late last night so a good part of our frustration with the room could have been that we were just tired and needed a fresh mind/start. We have a whole blog post/YouTube video about the process coming soon, so we can't reveal too much now, but we'll keep you updated about the final outcome. Do you ever go through moments of design frustration like this? 

In other non-design related news, we went to lunch yesterday in Warehouse Row in downtown Chattanooga with a few friends and felt like we were in New York City for a few hours. Have you ever been? It's absolutely gorgeous.


We ate at Public House (above) and noticed they have the same schoolhouse pendant lights that we have in our upstairs bathroom!

After lunch we went to look at a potential flip house. It doesn't look like much now, but it has a great layout and could be sooooo cute. We already have so many ideas for it. We'll keep you posted on what happens with it!! Fingers crossed!!