Feeling Thankful


With the weather being so amazing lately, we've been spending a lot of time outside any way that we can. We went on a long walk around the neighborhood the other night and soaked up the warm air and birds chirping all around us. 

It feels good to finally be settled in our home and neighborhood after being here a year. With our last house, we were only in it for a year and a half, and almost half of that time was spent working on our current home, so we sometimes feel we didn't get to enjoy our last house as much. There were a lot of rooms we didn't get to finish decorating to really make them "our own", which is part of the reason we're feeling so thankful now to get the chance to do that in our current home.

Of course, there's still so much we want to do to our home now (even though we renovated it head to toe for a TV pilot, there were still some things that didn't get completed that we may shwo you in a future post) that we just haven't made time for. We talked a little bit about it in our Instagram post the other day and how we are just thankful for what we have, not for what we want, and it's true. It's something we constantly have to work at but if we remind ourselves as often as we can, maybe it will become our normal state of mind? 

We all have a lot to be thankful for if we take the time to really evaluate our lives and do our best to look past all of the things we don't like about our lives and focus on the things that we love. Mayve we don't have the perfect body or house or our dogs are terrors and we hate our jobs. Maybe we fight too much with our family or wish we made more money or wish we ate better or whatever. There are a million things we all wish were different about our lives, but what if we only talked about the things that we love about our lives? Wouldn't that be so much more rewarding? 

Not sure how or why we got on this rant or where this whole thing even came from, but it's been eye opening for us the past couple of days. In any event, we're thankful you're here with us, friend. We hope you enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful weekend :).