Rain, Finally


We've been going on almost a week with no rain, and our front yard was suffering because of it. It's been really hot here lately so our grass has almost started to burn, and we're pretty bad about not watering it. So, while the day started out beautifully, and the weather was perfect for sitting on the front porch and drinking coffee, around 6pm the sky turned dark. Very, very dark.

But, if you know us, then you know our feelings regarding rain and thunder storms. We worked for the majority of the day on an upcoming collaboration we're doing with a really fun company, but while we were finishing up, the clouds formed and the sun disappeared. It was windy and a warm breeze was blowing. Then, as if it couldn't hold it any longer, ginormous rain drops began to fall from the sky and within minutes you could barely see outside. 

Thomas has been meditating recently, so while the rain came down, he went on our back porch and relaxed for a few minutes. He downloaded the app Simple Habit. Have you heard of it? It's a fun, easy to use app that's been helpful in starting to meditate daily. 

As the rain came down outside, we felt safe inside and just enjoyed the gloomy, cozy weather as much as we could. The rain always brings us comfort in a way, and there’s no place else we would rather be than home. Do you feel this way about rain storms, too?