Birthday Gifts for a 27 Year Old


Remember when I said there was a funny story about one of my presents that I got for my birthday? Well, I told my family they didn't have to get me anything, but if they wanted to, I only wanted three things: khaki pants, Vans sneakers, and a phone case. I got two out of three. And within that two out of three, I got two of the same thing. Are you still following?

My younger sister and PJ both got me the same pair of Vans sneakers (that I've wanted since I saw Seth Cohen wear them on The OC in 2004)! This has happened with PJ and my family before, about 6 years ago, coincidentally also with shoes. So, I got two pairs of the same sneakers, a pair of khakis, and no phone case. I wasn't really expecting anything so it was all a happy surprise nonetheless. 

When we had our friends over for the sleepover last weekend, they also brought me gifts, which you can see in our newest YouTube video. Completely caught me by surprise, too, because them just being there was enough of a gift to me. 

So, if you would like to see what all I got from my family and friends, and maybe get a couple ideas for the 27 year old in your life, check them all out below (and click the pictures to purchase them for yourself!) 

A similar pillow to what I received

A similar pillow to what I received


(above pics via here, here, here, and here)