When Things Don’t Go According to Plan


Yesterday morning was absolutely beautiful. It was the first sunny morning we've had in forever and the light was pouring into the living room while the girls sun bathed. If it sounds idyllic, that's because it was.

We spent the day working on some exciting things and seeing our niece and nephews at PJ's mom's house. It was a good day. That night we decided we wanted to go to a movie since it's Stimulus Tuesday and each movie is only $5 and we are cheap as hell. But you knew that, right?

Everyone has been raving about A Quiet Place so we agreed on that film and headed to the theater. It was the 9 o'clock showing so we figured it wouldn't be that packed, but when we got there, there were only two seats available and they were four rows apart. We were, for a hot second, furious. Why were there so many people at the 9 o'clock movie?! Didn't they know we wanted to see it too? Begrudgingly, we headed home and turned on Ozark on Netflix. 

Later, just as we were getting into bed and under the covers, PJ discovered a giant pee stain on our sheets that had soaked through into the comforter, duvet cover, and mattress pad. We were beyond frustrated. We immediately knew it was Bean (Meryl) because she's the only one who can jump on the bed without our help. But we didn't see her on the bed all day and it was made since the morning, which means she must have peed the bed early in the morning and it just sat there all day. Lovely. 

After we changed the sheets and got in bed with just a thin top sheet (since we had to wash our comforter) to keep us covered, we cuddled close together to stay warm. We stayed close all night, wrapped up in each other which we don't normally do actually. We start off cuddling and then eventually break off and get super comfy; it's the only way we can fall asleep. 

We woke up this morning and thought about the day/night before. We thought about how things didn't go as planned and how annoyed we were that they didn't. But then we thought about how if we didn't miss the movie, we might not have discovered Ozark and binged the first three episodes. And if our dog hadn't peed on our bed that caused us to wash our comforter which left us with only a thin top sheet to sleep on, we wouldn't have cuddled so close together all night to keep us warm. So even though these are so minor in the grand scheme of life and we won't even remember them in a year, they serve as a good reminder to us that when things don't go as planned and it seems like the end of the world at the time, there's always a silver lining, no matter how small. Sometimes you just have to look hard enough.

It's kind of comforting and empowering to think that, while we don't always have control over the bad things that happen in life, we have complete control in how we seek out the good.

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