Our First Trip Out of the Country Together


We woke up at 3:45 this morning to head to the airport. Thomas’ mom came to pick us up and drive us the 30 miles it takes to get there, dropped us off, and took this picture that we both look only half awake in (ugh).

If you’ve been following us on social media, you know we’re going on a Caribbean cruise with Beau and Matt, our friends from ProbablyThis! We’re going on Celebrity Cruises and we are so excited y’all! We’ve heard only great things about them and how wonderful their cruises are. This will be Thomas’ first cruise (PJ went with some friends back in 2007) and the first time we’ve traveled out of the country together!

We’re calling 2018 our year of travel. We’ve already been to a couple of places and have a few more trips scheduled to places we’ve never been before. We figure we want to explore and travel as much as we can now, while we are young and childless, because you never know if that could change in a few years ;). 

We asked you guys for some cruise tips on our Instagram post and you really came through. THANK YOU for all of the helpful insights! We can’t wait to utilize them on this trip. You also told us how much your fur babies miss you when you’re gone and how hard it is to leave them, too. We’re glad we aren’t the only ones that make a big deal of it!

We will be updating you on the trip this week from our Instagram so keep an eye out for that. By tonight we will be on the cruise ship sailing off into the Caribbean, so wish us luck!