Thomas’ Mom’s Birthday Dinner


Last night we celebrated Thomas' mom's birthday at his brother's house. We had the family and all the significant others over for steak and wine. It was a windy, chilly night, which made family time by the fire especially sweet and comforting. We cooked, ate, drank, and all lounged around afterwards just enjoying each other's company. It's nice when everyone can get together to celebrate isn't it?


Thomas' mom isn't too big on cake so we did cheesecake instead! Thomas made a homemade strawberry glaze to put on top and it was the most sinful, perfect addition. We did our best to only eat one piece each (and we succeeded!).

We somehow forgot candles so Thomas' sister Sydney held the lighter above the cheesecake while we all sang happy birthday. Sometimes you gotta get creative, you know?


Happy birthday, Lila! You are so loved by so many.