We’re Obsessed with the Style From “Call Me By Your Name”


Have you seen Call Me By Your Name? The film was nominated for 4 Oscars this year, including Best Picture, and won for Best Adapted Screenplay, though, we think it should have won in another category, too: Best Costume Design.

Even though it's still getting down to the 30's here on some days, we're daydreaming about warmer weather when we can wear the Oxfords, Polo's, and shorts like Elio and Oliver do. The film is set in 1983 but the style still seems classic and very doable today. It's all about short shorts, over-sized short sleeve button downs, and some slip-on boat shoes. Since Spring starts tomorrow, it seems like the perfect time to get our wardrobe together for the next couple of months.

Below, we've rounded up some items YOU can wear this summer to achieve the CMBYN look, too:


(above photo via here)