Breakfast Room Progress


The room in the center of our house has had a couple of names since we moved in. At first we called it "the library", because we were going to put bookshelves in eventually. Eventually has now turned into "umm maybe YEARS down the line or possibly never, whichever comes first." We had a rug in there when we first moved in that has since moved to our bedroom. Below is how it looked on our TV pilot "Down to the Studs".


So then we called it "the center hall" because, well, it's in the center of our house and we only used it as a hallway to pass through to get to other rooms in the house. We didn't have any chairs around it then and it felt very staged. You can see that phase below.


Now, we call it "the breakfast room" because we currently have chairs around the table and eat most of our meals there. We have a 9 ft dining room table (in the back of the picture above) that we usually only eat at for special occasions. Otherwise, you'll mostly find us eating at this table in the room of a thousand names. 

We've been very slowly filling it with frames and plan on doing some more above the table with the lamp on it to the right. This room gets the most amazing light in the winter and is right between the living room and the kitchen, so you feel like you're right in the middle of all the action. A room that we weren't sure what to do with when we moved in has suddenly become the central hub of the house.

Sometimes it just takes living in a house to get a feel and understand each room, you know? We plan on doing that a lot this year :).