We Started Decorating for Fall Because Duh


It's not secret that fall is our favorite season. We've said it on here before and you will hear us saying it again (this is your official warning). It may be 92 degrees here in Tennessee but that doesn't stop us from plugging in pumpkin wallflowers and listening to the You've Got Mail soundtrack on repeat. So, we started adding a little more stuff around the house here and there and actually plan on giving y'all a fall house tour in the next couple of weeks after we post some collaborations we've been working on.

Our favorite is the jack-o-lantern pillow. It's just as comfy as it looks, too! We also added some faux pumpkins to the mantle as well as some branches from our back yard. Again, we plan on giving a full on tour here pretty soon, but we thought we would share this sneak peak for starters.

We hope y'all have a good weekend!